UPDATE: Partnerships, Launchpad Testing, and Staking.

Cryptocurrent & Lift.Kitchen

*Link to the YouTube video of the official announcement is at the bottom of the article.


We have worked through different iterations of the Smart Contract to ensure that it is secure. We have stressed the importance of making sure…


Coin Name: Full name for token. (ex. — Ninja Hedgehog)

Coin Symbol: Ticker symbol. (ex. — HIYA)

Liquidity Fee is the percentage of every transaction that is added to the liquidity pool on Pancakeswap.

Tax Fee is the percentage of each transaction that is automatically redistributed to you tokenholders.


As many of you know, Cryptocurrent’s MemeCoin Factory is live on our web app and completely free to use for anyone! (By the way get out there and make some tokens!) & the first token created on our factory was $HIYA (Ninja Hedgehog).

This article will focus on the long…

At present, in crypto (more specifically In DeFi) “meme tokens” have exploded in popularity with hundreds, if not thousands, launching a day. Traversing the land of defi meme tokens is intimidating, high-risk and often leads to the loss of 100% of invested funds due to a rug pull scam…

Fellow Currentians — in our most recent AMA we put up a graphic (see above) with our upcoming projects. It is clear that a number of you would like to begin to DYOR in advance of our full project announcements. We are glad to see this, and very much encourage it. We’ve linked some of the publicly available information on the aforementioned projects below:



Info about Airdrop Messenger, Comrade, & our upcoming seed sale will be released soon. We will update as it becomes available.

We are excited to get everything buttoned up and to begin launching these highly anticipated projects!

- Token utility

- Marketing Plans

- Partnerships

- IDOs

- Dev Team

- Comparison with Competition


VLT — This is the token which you need to hold in order to access tiered benefits in IDOs on TrustLaunch, the more tokens you hold the higher GUARANTEED allocation you…

Are you ready?

Finally we have completed the first phase of internal testing on the new IDO smart contract for CryptoCurrent and we are happy with the results.

The IDO smart contract will make life much easier and much more organized for the CryptoCurrent’s launchpad. It has been designed to…

Hi, all.

This is not the update that I anticipated giving this evening. Those that know me, know that I am not one for fluff — so I will get right into it. The majority of people reading this are already aware of our most recent Trust Launch project. …


CryptoCurrent is a company that is committed to offering safe contracts and launches on both the ETH and BSC networks.

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