1. HTG

2. VLT

3. Trust Launch

4. NFT

Section 1 — HTG:

Token: HTG stands for HT Governance. Once upon a time, before our rebrand and restructure, we were called HT. Unfortunately, there was already an entity of the same name operating in this space, so we quickly made the decision to rebrand.

What does this token do? It is our governance token that helps guide the direction of Cryptocurrent as a whole. All current and future projects stemming from Cryptocurrent will fall under this token’s governance protocol.

Governance protocol: Any member holding 1% of the total supply of HTG (10,000) can make a proposal on our portal. Anyone with any amount can cast a vote either for or against the proposal. Quorum is reached if 5% (50,000) of the total supply is actively involved in a vote.

Votes are weighted by the square root of your (HTG) wallet balance, this is done in an effort to curb the impact of whales on the direction of Cryptocurrent in order to allow for a more Democratic process.

Airdrops: Any HTG holder with more than 1.5% (15,000) of the total supply is automatically airdropped IDO tokens from launches that take place on the Trust Launch platform.

The amount received is based on your HTG balance vs all other holders of 1.5% or more.

Staking: You can stake your HTG in our staking contract for a reward of one NFT. This is designed to be a lengthy stake. Please note that staked tokens still count toward your total for IDO airdrops.

Staking times vary on the amount of tokens in the contract. It is designed to be a 90 day stake for 15,000 htg. We feel this is a fair time as the NFT reward must be very rare and can be either sold on the open market or, traded in for a tier 1 allocation spot in an IDO of your choice. We believe a tier 1 allocation will be worth a hefty amount, which in turn makes the NFT valuable by default.

Section 2 — VLT:

Token: Vault (VLT) was designed around one main principle, safety for investors! This was the first major undertaking by Cryptocurrent and we believe the economic depth of this token has still yet to be fully realized.

Tax: Every on chain transaction with VLT incurs a 3% tax, so be mindful when moving this token around! This tax is liquidated and sent as BNB into our swap contract, “the vault”.

The Vault: This is the part of VLT that makes this token a stand alone monster. This vault accrues BNB (over $1,000,000 at time of writing) and at any time you can swap your VLT into the vault for your exact share of the BNB held within. The protocol that governs the vault is simple. It’s total BNB in the vault divided by total circulating supply, and any VLT sent into the vault are removed from circulation, and this simple protocol is why the price in the vault can never go down, only up as bnb is accrued into the vault. (At the time of writing this the price is over. 02 BNB per VLT) This makes the token itself unruggable and always have a value. The closer the vault price is to the trading price minimizes risk of a loss and many people have purchased VLT at a price that is now currently below the vault price, making a loss an impossibility for them!

Burns: To date there has been over 21,000 VLT burned in the vault and the remaining supply (total supply) is about 79,000 VLT.

Section 3 — Launchpad:

Trust Launch is the second major project under Cryptocurrent. It is a tier-based allocation system with 6 total tiers. This is a 100% trustless smart contract from start to finish.

Tiers: We incorporated VLT into Trust Launch. Tiers are centered around VLT and staking VLT in the IDO contract 96 hours before an IDO (at minimum) is the only way to guarantee an allocation. Tier levels are outlined on our website and are subject to change as the price and supply of VLT changes.

Deflation protocol: Cryptocurrent will retain an allocation of all IDOs launch through Trust Launch. Those funds will undergo a 30-day vesting period.

After that 30 day period we will sell those tokens and use the funds to buy back VLT and burn it in the vault. The resulting BNB will be sent directly back to the vault, instantly lowering VLT supply and raising the vault swap price.

Section 4 — NFT:

We have discussed this prior in the HTG section but will quickly revisit. At present, Cryptocurrent offers one NFT which is minted by locking up HTG for an extended period of time. This NFT is able to be burned for an allocation spot in an IDO of the tokenholder’s choice.

CryptoCurrent is a company that is committed to offering safe contracts and launches on both the ETH and BSC networks.