- Token utility

- Marketing Plans

- Partnerships

- IDOs

- Dev Team

- Comparison with Competition


VLT — This is the token which you need to hold in order to access tiered benefits in IDOs on TrustLaunch, the more tokens you hold the higher GUARANTEED allocation you get.

It is structured in tiers, the higher tiers have earlier and biger allocations than lower tiers

VLT benefits from IDOs but also has the added benefit that a 3% tx fee is applied on buys/sales and the fee goes in a Vault.

The Vault price raises every time a buy/sell occurs and represent a parachute if the market goes bearish. As of now the vault price is $17 while VLT price is roughly $40, which means at any time you can exchange your tokens and get no less than 17$. The floor will raise further. Essentially, buying VLT now at $40 is like buying at (40–17) $23 at a markt cap just above 1 mil.

All VLT tokens are already in circulation or have been burned. The token is DEFLATIONARY hence tokens will be retired and burnt by the team following each IDO; this will increase the Vault floor price and at the same time reduce the circulating supply

VLT has been engineered to steadily raise regardless of market conditions

HTG — This is the governance token of cryptocurrent. All tokens are in circulation; current market cap is around 1.5 million. Only

HTG holders will be entitled to get airdrops of native tokens from each IDO managed via TrustLaunch.

In order to be eigible for dividends you need to hold 15000HTG which is 1.5% of circulating supply (around 15k at current prices) which mean less than 60 people will get airdrops.

Big wallets will try to scoop the 15K tokens to get passive income, which means small holders will benefit from token appreciation caused by whales trying to get airdrops and whales will of course benefit from the drops.

HTG benefits are not limited to big wallet holders, smaller investors can stake HTG to farm rare NFTs which can:

- Be exchanged in the open market for crypto.

- Be exchanged with Cryptocurrent to get a Tier 1 allocation in any IDO of choice.


Cryptocurrent is starting their marketing engagements to present HTG, VLT to the wider crypto community now that Trustlaunch webapp is ready and the smart contracts have been audited.

Both Twitter and YouTube influencers have been contacted


The following partnerships have been established with the objective to build a steady pipeline of new quality IDOs for Trustlaunch:

- Quai DAO — VC which will launch IDO mainly focusing in Media space.

- Lift Kitchen DAO — VC focusing in incubating, funding and launching (through Cryptocurrent) high potential return IDOs.

- Solidity — Smart Contract auditing firm, which will funnel safe and trusted IDO’s to TrustLaunch.

More partnerships are in the works!


We already have a few IDOs lined up in the queue on both BSC and Ethereum. Next launch will be on BSC and will launch very, very soon.


The front end designer is a Software team lead at Cisco in Israel, he knows his game; he is fully invested with his own money on the project therefore he has it in his best interests to deliver a superior experience.

Our new UI went through rigorous internal testing and Community Testing. The response from the community was enthusiastic, to say the least.

The smart contracts developers are also well invested in Cryptocurrent, and have successfully developed smart contracts which have been audited by Solidity; no critical issues have been reported by the auditing firm


VLT as the token powering Trustlaunch launchpad is extremely undervalued compared to competition:

VLT market cap: 3 mil @ $44

Kickpad: 90 mil mcap

BSCPAD: 530 mil

Cardastarter: 250 mil

OccamFi: 1.4 billion

TrustSwap: 400 mil

This comparison takes into account the fully diluted valuation for the full circ. supply

HTG at 1.5 mil market cap is one of the few shining undiscovered microcap gems on Ethereum.

CryptoCurrent is a company that is committed to offering safe contracts and launches on both the ETH and BSC networks.