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At present, in crypto (more specifically In DeFi) “meme tokens” have exploded in popularity with hundreds, if not thousands, launching a day. Traversing the land of defi meme tokens is intimidating, high-risk and often leads to the loss of 100% of invested funds due to a rug pull scam. This is why Cryptocurrent has decided to step in and do our part to help improve the memecoin space.

SAFE (Actually):

Our Memecoin Factory produces one of the most secure and safe meme token experiences you can have in a space that is otherwise full of anonymous entities, bad actors, and incapable teams. Here is how:

• We have removed all of the owner functions that can be used for a rug pull scam directly from the contract code. How’s that for SAFU?

• All LP tokens are automatically burned by default, and never even touch the deployer’s wallet. Again, leaving no chance for a rug pull.

• By default all wallets, yes even the owners, have a maximum transaction amount of .5% at a time, which protects you against teams trying to do a massive “sell-off” of team tokens all at once. It also protects from early “whales” who aim to buy a large portion of the supply and dump the smaller token holders later on. This max tx. percentage can be changed by owner after deploying.

• No more “bugs” in the code which lead to a loss of funds.

• No hidden mint functions.


As soon as you arrive in the web app for the Memecoin Factory you will see a small list of options for the behavior of your token and what percentage you would like to keep as the deployer.

After you fill this out and press “Deploy”, the token now deploys onto thee BSC mainnet with the owner receiving their preset % and the remaining funds stay in the factory contract itself. Now, moving on over to the second portion of the Memecoin Factory where you can see all of your previously deployed tokens and find the ability to add and burn liquidity. Simply enter how much BNB you want added and it will create a trading pair on Pancakeswap immediately. Viola, you are now listed and tradable! Now get out there and trade!!


No fine print here. There is no upfront cost, we allow anyone to create and deploy a token. We retain 1% of the total supply of any token generated with our Memecoin Factory. Cryptocurrent reserves the right to sell these tokens at our discretion. These tokens will be used to directly benefit Cryptocurrent, as a whole! If you are a VLT or HTG token holder, we suspect you will be very happy about this.

CryptoCurrent is a company that is committed to offering safe contracts and launches on both the ETH and BSC networks.

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