Ninja Hedgehog & Memecoin Factory

As many of you know, Cryptocurrent’s MemeCoin Factory is live on our web app and completely free to use for anyone! (By the way get out there and make some tokens!) & the first token created on our factory was $HIYA (Ninja Hedgehog).

This article will focus on the long term plan for both! First let’s focus on the factory. We will be adding a vault to the factory extremely soon. The vault can be used to lock up team tokens and LP tokens, the best part… it’s free! That’s right, just use it. So when new tokens launch and they don’t lock their tokens… send them to our app… no excuse not to protect and reassure your investors when it’s free! We will also be adding pro features to the Memecoin Factory including additional token behaviors, timers for auto list at a time in the future and advanced bot protection. These are features we will begin work on in the very near future.

Now to speak a little about $HIYA (Ninja Hedgehog). To bring value to this token you must hold a certain amount to access these pro features mentioned above. We are weighing the option of just holding vs. locking up for a short time.

This is not the only way we are adding utility to $HIYA. Our website will be LOADED with NFTs that you can bid on and you can only bid with $HIYA. We will have some amazing NFTs that will also have utility like, pro features and a few other ideas that you’ll have to wait to find out!

One last thing, we have reached out to an animator to begin a mini series based around the adventures of Hiya, the ninja hedgehog!

We will do everything we can to make Hiya the face of meme tokens!

Please be patient, as we are in concept stage at this point and only beginning this journey! This is for you guys, we never planned this.

Stay tuned!!!

Ps. Go make a token and launch it at:

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