Re. The BeeSwap Launch:

Hi, all.

This is not the update that I anticipated giving this evening. Those that know me, know that I am not one for fluff — so I will get right into it. The majority of people reading this are already aware of our most recent Trust Launch project. We were set to launch BeeSwap & their $HONEY token, along with their AMM/Yield Farm.

The launch was slated to be a huge success, and by all indications would have exceeded most if not all expectations. This is not just indicative of support for Cryptocurrent/Trust Launch, it shows that BeeSwap was also highly anticipated — with a very engaged community.

As a result of this launch, or lack thereof, both teams became defensive of our projects. This is understandable. I want to be very clear about this — Liv and her team have given no reason to be looked at or talked about as scammers, or in any way an illegitimate project. Liv is exceptionally passionate about her project. It is a large part of the reason we were so excited for this launch.

All things considered, it does not appear that we will be working together moving forward. If you were excited to participate in their launch we still encourage you to do so when they decide to roll out their token and site. To everyone that has supported us and those that have gone to bat for us, we really appreciate it. Unless you have been in this position, it is difficult to explain how helpful the support really is.

With all of that said, this was a net loss in the sense that all parties involved stood to gain from this launch. Continued fault finding does not do anyone a bit of good. I feel confident in speaking for the team when I say we hope Liv’s project is able to continue on and succeed despite this recent course of events. In the grand scheme, the rest of the details seem unimportant.

We will continue to move forward with our goal of protecting investors and launching solid projects. VLT & HTG will continue to retain their respective values, this does little to change that. We believe those that have been with CC/TL will largely choose to continue supporting the project and others will continue to learn about and find value in the project. We ask that everyone remains respectful and remembers that TL/CC is not meant to be a continuation of the rest of DeFi. We’re trying to build something a bit different.

This may or may not satisfy everyone’s desire for an explanation. While we hope it does, please refrain from rehashing all of this in TG groups. Feel free to discuss, so long as it in’t disruptive to either project. We have about a million and one messages to respond to, but if you reach out we will get back to you as quickly as we are able to.


-Stephen @ CC.

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