Tokenomics Update!

Seed sale: price per ETH-0.0028985 13.8% of total supply
Locked 48hours

Second round: price per ETH-0.0048 25% of total supply
Locked 24hours

Third round: price per ETH-.0068571 35% of total supply
No lock

Total of 400ETH to be raised
Team tokens (locked 1 year) 16.2%
Total circulating supply 100,000 (non-mintable)
10,000 VLT tokens in liquidity
90 ETH in liquidity

Price at launch .009
Vault will have 280 ETH locked at launch.

Any remaining ETH is for development of our Launchpad, marketing, and buybacks for launch — which we will burn and add ETH to liquidity pool.

10 ETH has already been locked in HTG (governance token) liquidity pool.