UPDATE: Partnerships, Launchpad Testing, and Staking.

Cryptocurrent & Lift.Kitchen

*Link to the YouTube video of the official announcement is at the bottom of the article.


We have worked through different iterations of the Smart Contract to ensure that it is secure. We have stressed the importance of making sure ALL possible scenarios have been covered. The Smart Contract audit is in progress, we expect high marks and are prepared to address any findings quickly and efficiently.


We went through rigorous internal testing to ensure all business case scenarios are successfully addressed and the user experience is simple, streamlined, and usable — even from inexperienced users or non-technically savvy users. We could have launched our Webapp last week since the core capabilities were already completed, but we decided to ensure the User Experience is as flawless as possible for our first IDO. We are thrilled with what our talented developers have created.


We will allow a whitelisted group of community members to start testing the User Experience on April 24th the objective is to collect feedbacks on usability, look and feel, suggesting improvements etc. We deeply value the opinion of our community, rest assured that all feedback will be taken seriously and addressed in following iterations of our app. We will contact the volunteers for the testing to organize access to our testing environment. Your help is really appreciated.


We have announced an exciting partnership with DAO Lift Kitchen. This is just the first step in ensuring that TrustLaunch by CryptoCurrent has a pipeline providing a constant inflow of IDO ready projects. Our mission is to launch exclusively SAFE projects with lots of room for growth. Working with Lift Kitchen ensures each project is fully founded and with a community backing it. Hope you are as excited as we are about this partnership as we are!

But it does not end here.

We are in the talks with another exciting partner, we can’t disclose too much info right now until what will be seen as our next major milestone has been completed — more of what that is will be revealed in the days to come.


We will commence aggressive marketing as soon we have completed product testing.

Our Marketing will span across different mediums and will focus on utilizing large influencers on Twitter and YouTube. We will advertise on sites like Bscscan, Etherscan, Poocoin, etc. Up until now HTG and VLT have been known in closed circles only, this is going to change soon.

We understand some might be worried we could put more emphasis on VLT rather than HTG with our marketing, but we can assure this is not the case, the growth of CryptoCurrent proceeds with HTG and VLT growing hand in hand.

HTG will reflect the growth of CryptoCurrent as a whole and will benefit of all initiative managed by CryptoCurrent, remember that TrustLaunch by CryptoCurrent is just the first of these…

6) TrustLaunch IDOs

We have been in talks with multiple projects on both the BSC & ETH networks. Once all of the testing and auditing activities are finalized, we will very quickly be announcing our first IDO. We will then organize AMA’s & then we are Ready For Liftoff.

7) HTG Staking

HTG staking is one of the improvements we are most proud of, since it will bring unique benefits to HTG holders.

Managing staking rewards via NFT will be eventually the standard in Crypto and we are pioneering it. Development of our staking contract is 70% completed, we are on track.

Thanks for your patience sticking with us during these trying times, the team sincerely appreciates it. Our mission is to give back to the community by making sure HTG and VLT will be a HUGE success. We believe this most recent announcement reflects that.


CryptoCurrent is a company that is committed to offering safe contracts and launches on both the ETH and BSC networks.

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